“Dedicated to the Biological Research and Conservation of Costa Rican Amphibians”

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  1. Thanks for the amazing tour! It made the trip. The biodiversity was amazing. I tried to find you on tripadvisor to write an amazing review but couldn’t find you. If there’s a way for you to register that would mean more business and more support for the research. Let me know if you do so I can go back and write a review.

    Again, thanks.


  2. Definitivamente un paseo ecoturístico, académico o de investigación por el Costa Rican Amphibian Research es un viaje al pasado. Digo al pasado porque en en este pequeño espacio geográfico se guarda la diversidad que Costa Rica obstentaba antes de los declines poblacionales drásticos que sufrió el trópico en los años ochentas.
    Invito a todo el que quiera conocer la riqueza biológica de nuestro país a visitarlo.

  3. Marvelous tour through the nightly rainforest – a different planet! Phantastic diversity of frogs and other wildlife. Thanks, Brian, for this wonderful experience and hospitality!

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