Staying at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve

Naturalists, students, researchers, and anyone else who is interested in nature are encouraged to come visit us at the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center’s Guayacán Rainforest Reserve and stay in our modern and fully-furnished guesthouse. The guesthouse at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve is a small private home that is dedicated to the exclusive use of providing clean and comfortable lodging for our visitors, whether that be a single person traveling alone, a family, or group of friends.  The Guesthouse at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve provides enjoyable accommodations for our guests, having a living room area, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, and two large porches to enjoy the abundant nature that surrounds. The sink and shower in the bathroom have hot water. The main bedroom has a full-sized bed. The second bedroom has two bunk-style beds, one with a full-sized bed below and a twin-sized bed above, while the other is a standard twin-sized bunk bed. The C.R.A.R.C. guesthouse can comfortably accommodate up to seven people.

Surrounding the guesthouse is a large garden area that hosts a very impressive diversity of flora and fauna.  One needs not to walk very far from the guesthouse, literally only a matter of meters, to be able to observe an astonishing biological diversity.  Even if you just feel like taking a break to relax during your travels one does not need to even leave the porches to observe some of the impressive nature that is so abundant in the garden area.  Dozens of species of amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and invertebrates can be found in the garden area alone.  The gardens surrounding the guesthouse also present a mixture of both native and non-native tropical plants, including a collection of more than 100 species of palms, many of which are extremely rare.  In addition to being able to observe in person some of the most bizarre and rarest palm species in the world, our visitors that have an interest in botany will also be extremely entertained while they spend some time exploring the gardens searching for some of the dozens of species of orchids, aroids, bromeliads, and others that can be found there.  Even with all this diversity in the gardens surrounding the guesthouse, this is only the appetizer compared to the diversity of flora and fauna that can be seen in abundance in the main reserve.  Despite the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve likely being under the radar of many birders, the diversity of avian species that can be seen within the reserve is very impressive.  Come visit us on your next trip to Costa Rica, we are very confident that the nature observation and time spent within the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve will be among the top highlights of your trip to this amazing country!

Reservations at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve are made for only one group of visitors at a time, whether that be a single person traveling alone, a family, or a group of friends traveling together. Anyone staying at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve will have the entire guesthouse, any guided tours, and one of the most biologically diverse private reserves in the country exclusively to themselves!!! This exclusivity not only provides the most optimal conditions to experience and observe the abundant nature within the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve, but also aids in its continued preservation by highly reducing the environmental impact as well.

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For prices and more detailed information about staying in our guesthouse at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve, please contact us to receive a detailed informational pdf on the lodging we offer.

Guests staying at the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve have the option to explore the biological reserve on their own or take a guided tour.


The guided tours offered within the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve are not made up of mixed groups, so whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends and/or family, you will have the tour entire experience exclusively to yourself or yourselves.  Guided tours are at an additional cost, not included in the price of lodging in the guesthouse. For more information on the personalized guided tours we offer within our reserve please contact us to received a detailed informational pdf.


Our pioneering research and conservation efforts are made possible thanks to the funds that are generated by our visitors and private donations. Please consider helping support our work by coming to visit us on your next trip to Costa Rica or by making a donation.