C.R.A.R.C. Reserves

A view of the rainforest at the C.R.A.R.C. Guayacán Rainforest Reserve.

The C.R.A.R.C. owns and operates two biological reserves, the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve, and the Río Vereh Cloud Forest Reserve.

The C.R.A.R.C. is based at its Guayacán Rainforest Reserve, which is nestled in the Caribbean foothills of northern Talamanca, near the small town of Guayacán de Siquirres. This reserve, with a total area of 49 hectares (121 acres), is located in the upper catchment basin of the Siquirres River, which is an official protected watershed known as the Zona Protectora Cuenca Río Siquirres.   This reserve has an altitudinal range from 440–610 masl, with the majority of its area being within the Premontane Rainforest Life Zone. To date 53 species of amphibians have been documented within the Guayacán Rainforest Reserve, including several very rare and endangered species. The C.R.A.R.C. is located nine highway kilometers from the city of Siquirres, right on the National Highway 10, which leads from the Caribbean lowland town of Siquirres to Turrialba.  It is easy to get to the center, being only two hours from the Costa Rican capital of San José, ten minutes from Siquirres, 45 minutes from Turrialba, and less than an hour from Puerto Limón.  Access from these towns is along blacktopped highways. Sorry, there are no dusty pothole-filled dirt roads.


The C.R.A.R.C. recently purchased another smaller property up in the remote and poorly studied mid-elevation cloud forests of the Caribbean slopes of Talamanca. This property was purchased with the purpose to have a base to conduct detailed studies on the amphibian species in one of the remaining least known and studied regions of the Costa Rica. The Río Vereh Cloud Forest Reserve has at total area of 44 hectares (~110 acres). Despite its smaller size, this reserve is connected to hundreds of thousands of hectares of solid forest. The Río Vereh Cloud Forest Reserve borders the Vereh River and several adjoining protected areas, including the Macho River Forest Reserve, Tapantí National Park, Chirripo National Park, and La Amistad International Park. The Río Vereh Cloud Forest Reserve has an altitudinal range from 1380–1625 masl. We are currently conducting detailed amphibian inventories in the reserve and surrounding area in attempt to learn what species inhabit this region. We are optimistic that our efforts will result in the discovery of numerous species of special importance, potentially including some Critically Endangered amphibians that have disappeared from most of their historically known sites.

vereh forest
A view of the cloud forest up at the C.R.A.R.C. Rio Vereh Cloud Forest Reserve.

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